Mindfulness - a tool for better managing stress

By learning to defuse our “automatic” reactions and “mental ruminations” we can control our stress.

The aim is therefore to bring our attention back to the present moment so that we feel more alive, have a better relationship with our body and emotional state and ease our suffering.

Mindfulness is based on exercises combining meditation, physical exercises, self-observation, discussions and dialogue with the group. It aims to help you find greater freedom, emotional balance and wisdom.

Mindfulness can improve quality of life and help to:

• Better manage stress and emotions

• Reduce stress when faced with illness

• Reduce anxiety and diffuse ruminations

• Better manage pain

• Improve sleep quality

• Give you a better relationship with your body and emotional state

• Develop kindness and self-acceptance

• Develop internal resources

• Prevent the recurrence of depressive episodes

• Feel more alive

• Live in the moment

Organisation and Registration

This cycle is only offered to patients being treated for cancer at the Institut Roi Albert II.

The sessions are given in groups of 10 to 15 people.

A cycle includes 8 two-and-a-half hour sessions spread over 8 consecutive weeks, as well as one seminar lasting 5 hours.

The module is preceded by an information session. This session lasts one and a half hours during which the programme is described.

To register for the MBSR programme, you must:

  • Have attended the information session
  • Made a commitment to pay by signing the financial consent document (can be downloaded here), paid the registration fee of €100 (some mutual insurance companies provide financial assistance. E.g. Partena:  €80. Please contact your insurance company).
  • Attend all sessions (save in exceptional cases)
  • Commit to devoting 45 minutes per day to practice
  • Location: Saint-Luc University Clinics
  • Register for the information session at the Wellness Centre (route 49) or send an email to valerie.vannitsen@uclouvain.be

Your instructor

Valérie van Nitsen : mindfulness meditation instructor.

Valérie van Nitsen