Isotopic ventriculography

What is isotopic ventriculography?

This examination is the gold standard technique for measuring heart function.

What is the purpose of isotope ventriculography?

It is useful for assessing the toxic effects of chemotherapy on the heart.


The examination lasts approximately 20 minutes.


Two intravenous injections are performed 20 minutes apart. The first one contains a product that "prepares" the red blood cells to receive the tracer that will be injected via the second injection. After this second injection, the patient is positioned under the camera, electrodes are placed to record the heartbeat, and three pictures of the heart are taken.

Risks and inconveniences

The examination is painless, and the injection of the product is similar to a blood test.  The quantity of radioactive product is very small and,therefore, without danger.


In principle, scintigraphy is contraindicated in pregnant women.


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