Prostate MRI

An MRI machine consists of a powerful magnet inside which radio waves are sent to reconstruct images of organs. Using a computer, radiologists can reconstruct three-dimensional slice images from the distribution of hydrogen in the body. If the radiologist deems it useful, he or she will inject a contrast agent into the arm during the examination. This solution allows for better visualization of certain organs on the images.

This examination is completely safe. However, if certain organs need to be examined, you must fast. Your doctor will inform you of this.

During the examination, the examination table on which you are lying slides into a large, well-lit and ventilated tunnel, open at both ends. During the entire examination (between 15 and 30 minutes), you cannot move. If you suffer from claustrophobia, have a pacemaker, or have worked with metals, please inform your doctor before the MRI, as the examination may be contraindicated.

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