Firefly area

Cancer is an illness that upsets the whole family, including children who do not always understand what is happening and their reactions are sometimes surprising.

L'espace Luciole is a place where children can meet their parent, grandparent or other relative who is hospitalized or not.

The Luciole space is a welcoming place for children within the hospital, a place where they can feel comfortable and welcomed.

They can talk with the psychologists present or with other children who are in a similar situation.

Through games, books, creative activities, dramatization, and words that allow them to express themselves, the children can share their emotions, their questions, their fears, their loneliness... all accompanied by Lucy the Firefly, our little mascot.

The link with the parents is essential with a reflection around a dialogue or a communication that can be renewed, even when words are often missing.

The relatives who accompany the children are welcome.


information & registration + 32 2 764 80 22 or 79 78